Storage Solutions | Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking

Highly versatile storage racking designed to accommodate long and bulky materials such as bars, PVC profiles, timber, mouldings etc.

Available in single or double-sided configurations, Oakway’s cantilever range can be tailored to provide the maximum storage capacity in any given space. Cantilever arms can be simply and rapidly adjusted without the need for special tools.

CantiRack Storage Racking

CantiRack Storage racking is manufactured using steel pillars and horizontal bracing and storage levels, which are fully-adjustable in height. This system provides the maximum storage capacity for long and bulky materials such as bars, profiles, pipes, timber, mouldings, plasterboard etc. because there are no vertical members within the storage locations.

Coil Racking

Consult our design team who will be pleased to carry out a no obligation site visit and design a coil storage system to suit your individual requirements and objectives.

Because every load is different, the weight and dimension of the loads to be stored are analysed to ensure optimum space usage, thus ensuring a tailor-made solution to satisfy your needs.

  • System designed specifically to your requirements.
  • Adjustable arm levels to provide flexibility for the future.
  • Choice of cantilever arms or core brackets allows storage of coils in either direction.