Storage Solutions | Corporate Foundation

Company Mission

We are committed to provide creative working environments, both within our business, and our clients’ businesses, that provide a congenial atmosphere in which our core values – integrity, honesty, punctuality and energy are nurtured and maintained.

Company Vision

To provide financial and practical support for charitable causes through a profitable, debt-free business model that also elevates the circumstances of our employees and any other affiliated person or entity.

Integrity within and without

We will work with our clients and stakeholders to ensure that all our business transactions and communications are upright, straightforward and trustworthy.

Unquestionable honesty

We will only tell the truth. Our business foundations are such that we have no alternative. This can be depended on and will never alter.

Dependable punctuality

We are committed to utilising time as the most valuable commodity. We will do our utmost to meet deadlines, commit to meeting times and use time sparingly (our time, our stakeholder’s time and our clients’ time).


We will work with energy and purpose in our quest to satisfy our staff and client requirements. Our ongoing commitment to strengthen our teamwork will be the key to progress in our business.


We will present ourselves and our company with professionalism & decency. Our manner of speech, cleanliness & tidiness will contribute towards a more efficient and rewarding atmosphere for all.

Efficiency & Value

We will strive to create solutions that offer value-for-money, whilst catering to our client’s requirements. Our single-source provider capabilities ensure that we offer not only cost savings but also time and efficiency savings that result in mutually beneficial trading relationships.